Student Accounts Receivable Office
Frequently Asked Questions
IMPORTANT TELEPHONE NUMBERS Area Code (803) for all numbers.
Student Financial Services 738-7792
Financial Holds on Registration 732-5200
Legal Residency Office 738-7735
Returned Checks 822-3284
Student Information Call Center 738-8324 or 800-922-8038

Do I have to come to the college to pay my tuition and fees?
Tuition and fees can be paid on-line. Visit the college homepage and the link for MY MTC. Payment can be made with a credit card or electronic check. You can also pay via phone by calling 732-5200 option 1.

My schedule was dropped for non-payment and I have been attending the class. What do I do?
You will need to obtain the registration exception form and return the completed form to the registrar’s office for closed sections. You must be prepared to make full payment, along with the applicable $75 late fee.

I never attended classes, why was I charged?
Payment will be required if you do not attend class/classes (no show) and do not officially drop or withdraw. If your classes were held by financial aid, the aid will be removed and you will be held responsible for the tuition and fees.

If a financial hold is placed on my records, what actions should I take in order to get the hold released?
Contact the cashier’s office at 732-5200 for information on satisfying the conditions of the hold obligation.

I have a balance due from a previous term, can I register for classes?
All past due balances must be paid in full before you can register for a future term.

I owe the college a past due balance and cannot pay it in full, what are my options?
You have 90 days to pay your balance in full. If a balance remains after 90 days, the account will be moved to collection status. Once in collection status, you will need to contact the cashier’s office to make full payment or the account will be submitted to the South Carolina Department of Revenue.

I know I have a debt to the college but why can I not see it in my account on-line?
When your account is 90 days without payment and the third invoice is mailed, the account will be moved to collections status. Once in collections, you will need to contact the cashier’s office to make full payment.

When are statements mailed?
Tuition and fees are due upon registration. Statements will not be mailed for current semester charges. You can view your current account balance at any time through MY MTC.

I am a SC resident being charged as a non-resident or an in county student being charged the out of county rate. How do I correct this?
Contact the Residency Coordinator at (803) 738-7735.

May I keep a credit balance for future charges?
Credit balances are automatically refunded to you unless an agreement is signed to authorize MTC to deduct prior year charges.

How do I get my financial aid refund?
Academic refunds are refunded to you via Higher One.

How can I obtain Enrollment Verification?
Contact the Office of the Registrar at (803) 738-7818.

What is the college policy for collection of returned checks?
Student account holders will be notified via campus e-mail to contact the Finance and Accounting Office before the item is turned over for prosecution. If restitution is not made, the returned item will be forwarded to the local solicitor’s office for collection. At this point, the college cannot accept payment. The solicitor’s office will be responsible for collecting payment. Once warrants are issued they cannot be withdrawn by the college. Future payments to the college cannot be made by check – only payments by cash, credit card or money order will be accepted.

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