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How Do You "Student Life"? by Marisa Onate

If the definition of "attending college" for you simply boils down to attending classes on a weekly basis, tackling mountainous piles of homework and projects, and rigorously studying for exams that come off more Final Jeopardy-esque than the information found on your lecture slides, then the chances are that your academic career is not being optimized to its most rewarding potential. Participating in school activities can turn your education at Midlands Tech into an advantageous experience both inside and outside of the classroom, but student-engagement is key. If you stop in for an informational session, make a trip down to Student Life, or simply take a look at Midlands Tech's index of diverse student clubs and organizations, you will see that Midlands Tech is more than just a place where you "take classes." As a matter of fact, Midlands Technical College is what you make it.

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