Law Enforcement/Corrections Officer  


blM-police-4C-fadeAbout the Career

Criminal justice careers can encompass a variety of jobs and typically welcome people with an interest in law enforcement, criminology, sociology, political science, psychology or social work.  The employment possibilities within the traditional police, courts and corrections areas are being expanded with opportunities in private business.

People often depend on law enforcement professionals and criminal justice professionals to protect their lives and property. These professionals, some of whom are state or federal special agents or inspectors, perform these duties in a variety of ways, depending on the size and type of their organization. In most jurisdictions, they are expected to exercise authority when necessary, whether on or off duty.

Police OfficerAbout the Program

The Criminal Justice program is designed to prepare students for employment in the areas of law enforcement, correctional services, the courts, private security and juvenile services. The program covers a broad spectrum of criminal justice concepts and theories, including police organization, criminal law, criminal evidence and procedures, correctional administration and criminology, as well as appropriate general education courses.

The structure of the program is designed for those currently serving in the various professions related to the Criminal Justice field as well as those interested in pursuing a career in these fields. The Criminal Justice program is also offered for students planning to transfer to a four-year college.

In addition, a Criminal Justice Certificate consisting of 21-credit hours is offered. The certificate is designed for practitioners employed by criminal justice agencies or for students wishing to diversify their major course of study. The purpose of this certificate is to provide students with an academic post-secondary education in criminal justice. Courses provide a theoretical and systems approach to the entire field of criminal justice. Courses completed satisfactorily may be used towards the associate degree in Public Service.